Uniting communities for a greener tomorrow in Karnataka's hidden landscapes

About NR Foundation, Gangavathi, Karnataka

NR Foundation, named in honor of the revered Nekkanti RamaRao, was established following his passing in 2014. A luminary in the grocery staples industry through his enterprises, NR Industries and Saroj Agro Industries, RamaRao left an indelible mark in Karnataka's food sector.

Recognizing the pivotal role of education, he aspired to make a lasting impact by supporting initiatives that fostered learning and knowledge. Simultaneously, his dedication to environmental conservation was evident as he aimed to implement sustainable environment friendly practices within the community.This foundation continues his legacy, dedicated to enriching society and preserving his esteemed name.

Education: Fostering Knowledge, Enabling Futures

One of our core initiatives revolves around providing education to disadvantaged students, especially those belonging to economically challenged backgrounds. We understand the transformative power of education, and thus, we extend educational facilities to these young souls. But it doesn't stop there. In our commitment to bridging the digital divide, we provide access to modern technology such as laptops and mobile devices.

Plantation: Nurturing Green Havens, One Sapling at a Time

Identifying villages with insufficient green cover is the first step in our tree plantation initiative. We meticulously analyze the landscape, assessing the number of households and their specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, we embark on an ambitious mission every monsoon - a plantation drive that transforms barren lands into thriving ecosystems.