Picklify your hunger pangs

Gives your meal a fiery, tangy kick while adding the goodness of naturally farmed produce and a blend of flavorful aromatic spices.

Rice We Trust

Brown rice is whole grain rice without the outer, inedible hull. Having a low glycemic index, it is diabetes friendly and is incredibly effective in promoting weight loss.

It is a natural stimulant of energy. It also lowers bad cholesterol, prevents heart disease, and lowers the risk of colon cancer.

Idli rice is often referred to as quick rice or converted rice. It is packed with nutrients, soaks more quickly and yields more batter.

Parboiled rice is more nutrient-dense, has a different texture, is more resistant to weevils, and is also easier to handle by hand.

Magical Mighty Millets

Millets are Small-seeded grains farmed extensively as a nutritious cereal crop. they are a superfood which are also considered as poor man's grains.

Wholesome food for your Soul

Light on tummy, heavy on health

Semolina is a common ingredient in Indian food. It comes in variants including bansi, bombay, and chiroti and is low in fat and incredibly nutritious.

Perfect crunch to energize you