Cutlet | Vijay Poha
Poha Cutlet
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Crispy on the outside, tender & flavorful on the inside, Vijay Poha Cutlets make a wonderful evening snack! Learn its recipe here to wow your guests every time.
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Vella Puttu | Sweet Puttu
Arisi Vella Puttu
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Arisi Vella Puttu is a traditional neivedhyam Made during Navratri Festival. Made with light brown roasted Vijay Gold Rice Rava, Organic Jaggery, Ghee & Coconut.
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Akki Tari Payasam
Akki Tari Payasa
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Simple and quick Broken Rice Pudded payasam is a simple dessert made with milk, sugar, dry fruits, and ghee that is ready faster than you can say 'Akki Tari'!
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