Medium Poha

Flattened rice

Vijay Poha is made from Carefully selected rice which undergoes a 4-step cleaning process and then flattened into light and dry flakes. The thickness of the flakes varies between almost translucently thin to nearly four times thinner than a normal rice grain. We process 2 varieties that medium poha and thick poha. Poha is used to prepare a wide variety of snacks or light and easy fast food in a variety of Indian cuisines.


Carbs: 87 gms


Protein: 7.2 gms


Fiber: 10 gms


Energy: 356.70Kcal

Is poha healthier than rice?

Poha is unquestionably healthier than rice in the daily diet. Poha is an excellent breakfast option because it is easy to digest. It's because of the amount of fiber it contains. Furthermore, it is light and easy to digest for everyone.

How is Vijay Gold Poha made?

Poha is made by dehusking rice grains and then soaking them in hot water for a period of time. The raw materials go through a 4-step cleaning procedure and additional quality checks. After that, they are dried, roasted, and flattened with iron rollers.

Is poha a good probiotic?

It may surprise you, but Poha is an excellent probiotic. Paddy is parboiled before being sun-dried. Poha is made by flattening the dried substance. The finished product has been fermented, retaining beneficial microbial flora from partially digested carbohydrates and proteins.

Why is poha rich in iron?

Rice is processed through iron rollers to make poha. The iron from the process is retained by the flattened rice. Because they are at a higher risk of gestational anemia, lactating or pregnant women are generally advised to consume softened poha. A little lemon juice may help with iron absorption.

Is poha free of gluten?

Yes. Since Poha is made from rice, it is naturally gluten free.

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