Sona Steam Rice

Steamed rice is sometimes known as fresh rice. It consists of up to 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the rice shell which migrates into the grain of rice during steam processing, making the grains less brittle. The steamed rice’s yellow tint fades during cooking, and it becomes snow-white, like polished white rice.

Vijay Gold’s premium Sona steam rice is obtained from 100% natural & artificial pesticide-free produce and steamed to perfection after extensive cleaning and 28 step quality checks to obtain export quality rice grains.

Vijay premium Sona steam retains its non-sticky & wholesome characteristics even after re-heating. Our steam rice being light & fluffy is rich in fiber, carbohydrates & proteins making it a healthy & tasty choice for dieting. Its aromatic fragrance remains intact for a longer period due to its superior quality.


Energy 129 kcal


Fat – 0.28g


Protein – 2.67g


Carbohydrates – 28g

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