Sona Boiled Rice

Sona boiling rice is a medium-grain rice grown primarily in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. This aromatic rice is perfect for everyday use as boiled rice. This is easily digestible and promotes weight loss. Suitable for diabetics. It also has many other health benefits.

Vijay Golds’ best quality sona boiled rice is made from 100% natural produce that is chemical free which is then parboiled, after 4 step cleaning and 28 steps of stringent quality checks to ensure very high standards of quality for the perfect texture of the grains before being packaged.

Vijay’s superior sona boiled rice has a unique aroma and incredible taste. It is rich in fiber and contains abundant protein, carbohydrates and manganese an excellent source of healthy nutrients for good health. Our Perfectly cooked rice is soft & fluffy and provides your taste buds a lovely sensation. This rice is good for a perfect dinner because it is easily digestible. We give you the highest quality rice at a reasonable price that will make you happy and make you return to us for their unusual taste and aroma.


Cal 165


Carbs 38g


Fat: 0g


Protein 4g

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