Sabudana or Sago forms an integral part of fasting food almost all over India. Its made from the starch of tapioca, a root crop, which is then shaped into a small pearl that gives it, its iconic appearance. It is one of the most delicious and healthy foods you can eat that is low in calories and high in nutrients.

Vijay Gold premium quality sago is 100% natural and chemical or additive-free. Our product passes through a 4-step cleaning and 28 step rigorous quality checks to ensure its safety & clean superior quality.

Our Sabudana aids in digestion and strengthens bones. It has low protein content and it is free from casein and gluten. In addition, Sabudana is considered reasonably safe for diabetic people because it doesn’t elevate blood glucose levels immediately due to its low glycemic index. Sabudana holds a special place in India, as popular infant food, and is used in numerous mouth-watering recipes Sago khichdi, Vada, pakoras, upma.


Calories : 544


Carbohydrates : 135 g


Fiber : 1.37 g


Protein : >1g