Toor Dal

Toor Dal also called Tuvar dal or Arhar dal is a yellow skinless split dal round in shape. widely used in Indian cuisines for recipes like rasam, khichdi, dal, handvo, dhokla, Puran Poli and many more delicacies. It makes for a tasty accompaniment with rice or chapati and who doesn’t like a plate full of piping hot Basmati rice with some mouth-watering dal.

Vijay Gold Premium quality Toor dal is made from the finest 100% natural produce, grown without the use of artificial pesticides. It is then processed through a 4 steps cleaning and 28 steps strict quality checks before its packaged.

Our superior Toor dal is rich in Folic Acid and has plenty of proteins packed in it. It’s an excellent choice for carbohydrate-rich food and is rich in fiber as well. Diabetic patients must include Toor dal in their everyday diet since they are a good source of complex carbohydrates and have a low glycemic index.


Carbs 50g


Fat 5g


Protein 20g


Sugar 1.21g

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