Sona rice is regarded as the most important non-basmati rice. Sona masoori rice is widely regarded as a healthful pulse because it includes less starch and is easy to digest. Sona Steamed Rice is a type of unpolished rice that is steamed in parallel to the paddy.

Vijay Gold Premium quality Sona steam rice is obtained from 100% natural produce grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides. It is passed through 4 steps cleaning and 28 steps quality checks to ensure its export qualities.

Vijay’s best quality Sona steam rice has a pleasant flavor and excellent cooking properties. This type of rice is low in carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index, making it ideal for diabetics. It can be used to prepare well-known cuisines such as porridge, Pongal, biryani, and plain jeera rice. It has an excellent aroma, taste and texture owing to its superior production process.


Energy 129 kcal


Fat – 0.28g


Protein – 2.67g


Carbohydrates – 28g

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