Vijay Gold Murmura

Vijay Gold Murmura is puffed rice manufactured using the finest rice produce. To produce the appropriate puffiness in the grains, the rice kernels are carefully heated under intense pressure in presence of steam. In different parts of the nation, puffed rice is referred to as muri, murmura, kurmura, maramaraalu, laai, or perched rice. Whatever the name, both adults and children adore this crunchy snack, which is frequently served with chaat dishes like the flavorful, tangy bhel puri, jhaal muri, and sev murmura. Murmura is not only delicious but also very nutritious because it promotes digestive health, boosts immunity, weight reduction, and healthy skin due to its high antioxidant content.


Calories : 402cal


Carbohydrate : 90.0g


Protien : 6.00g


iron 31.7mg

How is Vijay Gold Puffed Rice made?

Rice kernels are cooked at a high pressure with steam to produce the proper puffiness, resulting in puffed grains. In order to guarantee your well being and satisfaction, it undergoes a 4-stage cleaning process and 28 quality checks.

Does Puffed Rice need to be cooked before consumption?

Vijay Gold can be used as a quick snack or as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. As a result, it can be eaten plain or added to foods like bhel puri, mandaki susla, pori upma, etc.

How to store Puffed Rice?

To maintain the crispiness of the puffed rice kernels, make sure to store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry area.

Is Puffed Rice good for health?

Calcium and potassium, two minerals that help to build bones, are abundant in puffed rice. The significant amount of carbohydrates in puffed rice are converted to glucose, which serves as brain fuel. Additionally, by fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria, which facilitates bowel movement, its consumption reduces constipation.

Does Vijay Gold Puffed Rice contain gluten?

Puffed rice is free of gluten. For patients with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders, puffed rice should be safe.

How can I make Puffed Rice crispier?

Roasting puffed rice for a few minutes over a low flame will increase its crispiness. This method can be used to evaporate moisture that has accumulated due to improper storage, leaving you with crispy, crunchy puffed rice.

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