Arisi Vella Puttu

Arisi Vella Puttu is a traditional neivedhyam Made during Navratri Festival. Made with light brown roasted Vijay Gold Rice Rava, Organic Jaggery, Ghee & Coconut.


100 gm / ¾ cup Vijay Gold Idli Rava Vijay Gold Idli Rava
Lukewarm water
120 gm / ¾ cup Jaggery
50 gm / 3 tbsp Ghee
6-7 Cashews, split
25 gm / 2 tbsp Grated coconut


Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool slightly.
In a pan, roast the Vijay Gold Idli Rava until lightly browned and fragrant, about 3-5 minutes.
Prepare a steamer and allow to heat up
Sprinkle, do not pour, lukewarm water and mix well into the rava. The texture that you want is when you press it in your hand, it stays together but will fall apart when you drop it back down.
Once this texture is achieved, lay a cloth in your steamer and add this mixture on top. Cover with the free ends of the cloth and steam for 30 minutes on medium flame.
After 30 minutes, the mixture should be one mass. Remove to a bowl and crumble with a spoon, breaking any large lumps.
Melt your jaggery and strain to remove any impurities.
Place on medium flame and heat until thick. You want a soft ball stage. You can find this out by dropping a little into a ball of cold water, the jaggery can be formed into a small jelly like ball.
To the ghee, add the coconut and roast until golden brown, now pour the coconut and ghee into the rava. Mix well and serve warm or cold. This lasts for about a month.
In a pan, heat ghee and roast the cashews , add to the rava and reserve the ghee.
Immediately switch off the flame and add the syrup to the cooked rava. Stir well to incorporate thoroughly.

Tips for Cooking

The jaggery syrup is very important for the final texture of the dish, ensure that the steps are followed properly.
The amount of jaggery can be adjusted to your liking.
Do not reduce the amount of ghee, as the dish will be inedible, the dry texture of the rava will irritate your throat if consumed without the ghee, or less ghee.

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