Rajasthani Ghevar

Light & crispy deep-fried discs made with Maida are soaked in sugar syrup. The effort is well worth it in the end for this traditional Rajasthani Ghevar dessert


50 gm / 2.5 tbsp Ghee
150 gm / 1 cup Mastercook Maida
50 ml / ¼ cup Milk
150 ml / ¾ cup Water
150 gm / ¾ cup Sugar
75 ml / 1/3 cup Water


In a large bowl, melt the ghee and pour it in. Using a few ice cubes, mix and cream the ghee until it is light and fluffy.
Sift and add the Mastercook Maida and rub it into the ghee until it resembles a sandy texture.
Add the milk and water and mix very well until there are no lumps and a pouring consistency batter has formed.
In a pot, place a round mold, the size of which you desire the Ghevar to be. The oil should be halfway up the height of this mold.
Let it become hot and using a ladle, pour the batter in a thin stream from a height of atleast 7-8 inches above the mold and exactly in the center.
Pour a little and allow it to set and fry, and pour some more. Now take a round wooden handle and create a small hole in the center.
Continue pouring the ghevar batter until it is about ¾-1 inch in height.
Gently coerce it from the sides and allow it to drop down and submerge in the oil.
After it has cooked on top, take it out gently and place on a wire rack to drain.
To prepare the syrup, combine the sugar and water and cook to a 1 string consistency. Spoon the syrup over the ghevars and enjoy as is, or with some malai rabdi and nuts!

Tips for Cooking

This recipe does take some practice and will not be achieved in the first go. Keep trying and you will get it right
The most important thing is patience. Each ghevar takes some time to cook and form properly. If you rush it, the batter will pool on top and then will get ruined.
Draining on a wire rack is important as the oil must drain completely. If you place it on tissues, the oil will not drain completely and they will become soggy.

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