Sweet Potato Masala Roti

These soft roti, or stuffed flatbread, are made with the goodness of sweet potato and Chakki Atta! It’s a tasty way to incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet.


400 gm / 1 large sweet potato
250 gm / 1.5 cups Mastercook Chakki Atta
25 gm / 10-12 sprigs Coriander leaves, finely chopped
7 gm / 1 no Green chilli, finely chopped
2 gm / ½ tsp Ajwain / Carom seeds
5 gm / 1 tsp Salt, or to taste
1 gm / ½ tsp Turmeric
2 gm / ½ Mastercook Saunf / Fennel Seeds


Pressure cook or boil the sweet potatoes until tender.
Let cool for a few minutes and transfer to a bowl. Mash using a fork while still hot. Mash well until it is warm to the touch.
Add the Mastercook chakki atta and knead to form a soft dough. When the dough is coming together, add the coriander leaves, green chilli, ajwain, saunf, turmeric and salt.
Keep kneading without adding any water to form a soft dough.
Rest for 10 minutes and portion into balls about 50 – 60 gm each.
Roll into thin roti’s and cook on a tawa until golden and puffy.
Brush with ghee and serve.

Tips for Cooking

Do not add any water to knead the dough. The sweet potato has enough moisture.
The dough has to be kneaded when the sweet potato is warm, otherwise it will not knead properly.
You can add other masala’s like red chilli or garam masala as well.

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