Vijay Gold Akki Tari

Popularly called Upma Sooji, akki Tari is a Kannada phrase that means rice rava or rice Sooji. In the production of akki Tari, the entire grain of rice is used to make rice semolina or rice Sooji, not like within side the case of wheat semolina that’s crafted from the rice endosperm, as a result, beneficial for people with celiac disease.

Our akki Tari is gluten-free has high carbohydrate content and hence provides a lot of energy. It’s also rich in vitamins, folate and a host of other nutritional benefits.

Vijay Gold top quality akki Tari is manufactured from 100% naturally grown and chemical-free Rice grains, it goes through a four-step cleaning process and 28 quality checks to ensure it’s safe, healthy, and delicious, making it the best rice semolina available in the market. Akki Tari is used in a variety of mouthwatering recipes, like Kadumbuttu, upma, kadubu, Idli, and many more.

Go tasty with Flavorsome food cooked using Vijay Gold Premium & healthy Akki Tari


Cal : 346 gms


Carbs : 75 gms


Protein – 8 gms


Protein : 8 gms