Vijay Gold Akki Tari

Akki (Rice) Tari (Grits) is the kannada name for rice-based semolina, which is primarily consumed in Tamil Nadu and southern Karnataka. It is a staple of European, Italian, and Indian cuisine. The smooth texture of rice semolina makes it ideal for use in savoury dishes, bread, pancakes, puddings, pasta, idlis, rava dosa, baby food, breakfast cereal, and other semolina recipes.

Vijay Gold’s akki tari has the genuine flavour and texture because it is created entirely from natural, unprocessed ingredients. Our akki tari is put through a thorough four-step cleaning process and an additional 28 precise quality checks to ensure the creation of high quality akki tari. Our gluten-free akki Tari has plenty of carbohydrates, which gives it a lot of energy. Moreover, it holds a variety of vitamins, folate, and other nutritional advantages. It proves advantageous for patients with celiac disease as they must avoid items containing wheat and gluten. They can use it as a replacement to wheat products.


Cal : 346 gms


Carbs : 75 gms


Protein – 8 gms


Protein : 8 gms

How is Vijay Gold Akki Tari made?

Akki Tari is Rice semolina that is made from the whole grain of rice. To ensure the production of high-quality akki tari, we use a four-step cleaning process and an additional 28 precise quality checks.

Which recipes are made out of Vijay Gold Akki Tari?

Vijay Gold Akki Tari is one of our premium products and has an unmatched texture and taste. It can be utilized in making many recipes like Kadubu Idli, Akki Roti, Arisi Upma, Akki Tari Uppittu and others.

Is Akki Tari the same as regular sooji?

No. Regular Sooji is typically made from wheat, whereas akki tari is a rice-based semolina. Rice semolina is made from the entire rice grain, as opposed to wheat semolina, which is made from the inner endosperm of wheat. Also, akki tari is gluten-free.

How to store Vijay Gold Akki Tari?

Vijay Gold Akki Tari should be kept cool and dry in an airtight container. It can also be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

How are Idli Rava and Akki Tari different?

Idli Rava is also a rice based semolina but it has a texture especially suitable for making fluffy, spongy idlis. Whereas akki tari can be used in a variety of recipes involving rice rava like akki tari upma, akki roti and so on.

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