Bombay Sooji

Sooji is a staple in all Indian kitchens owing to its versatility. One of the most widely known type of Indian Semolina is Bombay Rava or Sooji. It is prepared from dried durum wheat and used in a wide variety of dishes like upma, also used as a coating for fish fry.

Vijay Gold Premium Bombay Sooji which is India’s No1 selling & trusted sooji is made from carefully selected 100% natural and unadulterated wheat that is dried, then cleaned in a 4-step process before being crushed into coarse granules and refined through strict 28-step quality checks to produce pure and exceptional quality Sooji.

It is nutrient-dense, enhances heart and digestive health, and regulates blood sugar levels. It is high in carbohydrates, making it a terrific and quick source of energy and an excellent addition to breakfast or fasting meals.

Get cooking with Vijay Gold superior Bombay Sooji, a taste that you will remember.


Calories: 198


Carbs: 40 gms


Protein: 7 gms


Fibre : 3.14 gms

Are Rice Rava and Bombay Rava the same?

No. Rice Rava as the name suggests, is derived from rice whereas Bombay Rava is produced from durum wheat.

Which dishes can be made from Vijay Gold Bombay Rava?

Vijay Gold Bombay Rava is utilized in a variety of dishes like Sooji Halwa, Rava Idli, Dosa, Upma, and even in semolina pasta.

Is Bombay Rava good for health?

Bombay Rava contains phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium for a healthy nervous system as well as calcium and magnesium to maintain the health of your muscles.

Is Bombay Rava suitable for infants?

Bombay Sooji is adaptable, has a delicious flavor, and a granular texture. It is also easy to digest. It is therefore frequently advised for babies and young children.

How to store Vijay Gold Bombay Rava?

Bombay rava should be kept out of dusty areas and damp environments in an airtight container. In an airtight container, it may also be kept in the refrigerator.

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