Idli Rawa

Vijay Gold Premium quality Idli Rava is India’s highest-selling and best quality Idli Rava . Made from 100% natural produce without the use of harmful pesticides and processed through an intensive 4-step cleaning and 28 steps comprehensive quality checks for superior texture, taste and nutrition.

We were the first in the country to introduce consumer packs for Idli Rava in the early 2000s, owing to 50 years of trust. It is of the highest quality, perfect texture and exquisite taste . In addition to being gluten-free, it contains essential minerals like Vitamin B-complex, dietary fiber, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. All these nutrients help in building muscles and promoting digestion.

Making idlis could never be easier and tastier with our best quality Idli rava. It is regularly trusted & used by Indian mothers in making fluffy and soft Idli’s, dhoklas, upma and many other tasty dishes.


Cal : 346 gms


Carbs : 75 gms


Protein: 7 gms


Energy : 365.65 Kcal