Idli Rawa

Vijay Gold Idli Rava is a must-have for all Indian kitchens. This premium product not only helps you prepare pillowy, soft idlis but many more delicacies like dhokla, uttapams and upmas.

It undergoes a 4-step cleaning process and 28 additional quality check stages. Prepared with pesticide-free and carefully farmed parboiled rice, its wonderful texture facilitates the cooking of delicate, fluffy, easily-digestible idlis. It is rich in protein, fibre, and carbohydrates, all of which are beneficial in growth and development.

It is rich in protein, fibre, and carbohydrates, all of which are beneficial in growth and development.


Cal : 346 gms


Carbs : 75 gms


Protein: 7 gms


Energy : 365.65 Kcal

Is Vijay Gold Idli Rava an instant idli batter mix?

No, Vijay Gold Rava is the best quality rava that is specialized for making soft and fluffy idlis with minimum steps. The Rava needs to be soaked for appropriate time for making the idlis.

Which other recipes can be made out of Idli Rava?

Compared to wheat semolina, it has a smoother, finer texture that makes it excellent for incorporation into batters, such as those used to produce idli. Apart from idli, idli rava could be used for making various dishes like Idli Rava dosa, Idli sandwich and even rava dhokla.

Can I make fluffy idlis with Vijay Gold Idli rava?

Definitely yes, to make Vijay Gold Idli rava Rice is prepared, dried, and then powdered to a fine consistency like semolina. Its color can range from white to cream, and it has a smooth, fine texture that makes it ideal for incorporating into batters, particularly idli.

How is Idli Rava made?

Vijay Idli Rava is one of our oldest and highest-quality products. Our gluten-free idli rava is made from the finest rice grains that undergo a rigorous four-step cleaning process and 28 quality checks.

Is Vijay Idli Rava gluten free?

Yes. Since it is a rice based semolina, Vijay Idli Rava is a naturally gluten free product.

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