Maida Flour

Maida is finely-milled, white wheat flour. It is obtained from the endosperm part of the wheat grain. Vijay Gold Premium quality Maida is unrefined, unbleached and does not contain any harmful chemicals to ensure that the product is safely edible.

Vijay Gold’s best quality Maida is produced from 100% natural and additive-free wheat grain which is processed through a 4 step cleaning process to separate the bran from the germ and endosperm. It then goes through a series of extensive quality tests to ensure that it is of the right texture & quality.

Our Maida is widely utilized in various cuisine ranging from Flatbreads such as naan, tandoori roti, and Bhaturas, to cakes, and a variety of other pastries are made using it. It’s also used as a fermented batter for jalebi and coating for fried food. It is low in gluten and high in carbohydrates making it energy-rich.

Use Vijay Gold premium quality Maida to make your soft, succulent and stretchable delicious dishes.


Calories: 359


Carbs: 74g


Fat: 0g


Protein : 11 gms