Vijay Gold Besan

Besan is a gluten-free flour made from a grounded mixture of chickpeas and used in various Indian cuisines, especially in making sweets & savoury snacks, including the world-famous Mysore Pak & Besan ladoo.

Vijay Gold premium Besan Flour is a super-fine flour prepared from 100% natural grown chana dal or chickpea without the use of any synthetic pesticides and processed through a 4 step automated cleaning process and 28 step rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest quality of the flour. It does not contain preservatives or additives of any kind making it genuine and healthy.

Vijay Gold top quality Besan is rich in proteins and good fats that are extremely good for your heart and are diabetic friendly. It also aids in stronger bones and nerve health.

Use Vijay Gold Besan for your recipes to enhance the flavor of your dishes With its earthy aroma and binding natural taste.


Calories: 387 gms


Carbs: 58 gms


Protein: 22 gms


Fibre : 10.89 gms