Vijay Gold Sattu

Used since ancient times in Bharat, Sattu is made of roasted Bengal gram, which is packed with several health benefits. Sattu helps hydrate the body during the summer and keeps it cool, and is loaded with nutrients.

High-Quality Vijay Gold superior Sattu is made from completely natural grains sourced directly from farmers and roasted to perfection before being grounded. It passes through rigorous cleaning and quality checks before packaging. It does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Our top choice sattu is an excellent source of energy, fiber, and protein. On your way to work, sherbet made from sattu can easily replace your morning coffee. It can also be used to prepare paratha, laddus, kachori, and a variety of buttermilks.

Swap your artificial proteins for this Natural super powder from the house of Vijay Gold.


Protein 20.6%


Fat 7.2%


Carbohydrates 65.2%


406 calories

What are the benefits of consuming Sattu?

Sattu aids in toxins removal from the intestines, and constipation avoidance. Due to its high insoluble dietary fiber content, sattu is advantageous for those with high cholesterol. This nutrient-rich beverage can help to control blood pressure and enhance heart health.

How is Vijay Gold Sattu made?

Vijay Gold Sattu is made by dry roasting grains of carefully harvested Bengal gram. Then, it is powdered to perfection. The product undergoes numerous quality checks to ensure your satisfaction.

Is Sattu gluten free?

Yes. Sattu is suitable for consumption by people with gluten sensitivity because it is made from Bengal gram, which is naturally gluten free.

Are Besan and sattu the same?

The flour made from raw Bengal gram is known as Besan. The powder of roasted Bengal gram is called Sattu.

What Recipes can be made out of Sattu?

Vijay Gold Sattu can be used to prepare a number of dishes, including Sattu buttermilk. Sattu porridge, Sattu paratha, and so forth

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