Chana Dal Barfi


Vijay Gold Fried Gram
Milk, Malai
Almonds, pistachios
Cardamom powder


To a heated pan, add 1 tbsp ghee, and 1 cup Vijay Gold Fried Gram and roast for 4-5 mins.
Let it cool and then grind it coarsely.
To another heated pan, add 2 tbsp ghee and the ground-fried gram. Roast until golden brown.
Add 2 cups of milk and mix well until thick. Add ½ cup malai and roast until golden brown.
Add ½ cup sugar and mix until sugar combines well with the mixture.
Add chopped almonds, pistachios and cardamom powder. Mix well and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
Spread the mixture evenly in a foil-lined flat vessel. Top it off with some chopped nuts.
Let it set for 1 hour at room temperature and then cut it into pieces.

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