THE WHEAT INDUSTRY AND ITS IMPACT IN THE ECONOMY We have been seeing the agro industry growing at a rapid speed that feeds millions of people and accounts for the economy. In terms of trade value and as a staple...
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Pav Bhaji
This tomato based dish gets its thick body from potatoes and it's salivating flavour from the variety of spices added to it. Bhaji is a wholesome dish attributing to the blend of vegetables added to it. When served with pav,...
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Methi Pulao
A healthy lunch with fresh methi leaves, fragrant spices and a dousing of paneer, your pulao just got an upgrade. You also save up on utensils by simply using one kadai for the whole recipe. Traditionally, pulaos use Basmati rice....
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Vada Pav
Mumbai’s pride, the vada pav is comprises of a batata (deep fried potato patty) served between pav (Indian dinner rolls) with a smattering of tamarind chutney, green chutney, and dry garlic chutney. Today, you can learn how to make the...
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Cabbage Kofta Curry
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Deep-fried spiced shredded cabbage balls are served in a yogurt-based curry. It pairs beautifully with rice or roti. Kofta is derived from the Persian word kofta and translates to ‘to grind’. It is a gluten-free option. Servings: 2 Amount per serving...
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Brown Rice Pakodas
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Rice plays such an essential role in an Indian household. Sometimes, we end up making more than we truly need and this food ends up in the bin. Next time you have leftover rice at home, make these instead. Rice...
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